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NSA-LA Programme

The thematic programme 'Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development' is a development policy instrument of the European Consensus on Development. It took the place of the NGO cofinancing and decentralised cooperation budget lines and has its legal basis in Article 14 of Regulation (EC) No 1905/2006 establishing a financing instrument for development cooperation (DCI).

It is an 'actor-oriented' programme offering cofinancing for the own activities of NSAs and LAs and support for capacity-building. The aim is to facilitate their involvement in policy formulation and their capacity to deliver basic services to the poorest sections of the population in developing countries and so help reduce poverty in a context of sustainable development.

The 2011-2013 strategy paper identifies three specific objectives that contribute to the overall objective:

· Objective 1 : Promotion of the principles of inclusivity and independence in partner countries so as to facilitate non-state actor and local authority participation in poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies.

· Objective 2 : Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting education for development in the EU and acceding countries, anchoring development policy in European societies, and mobilising greater public support for action against poverty and fairer relations between developed and developing countries.

· Objective 3 : Support for activities to strengthen coordination and communication activities of NSA and local authority networks in the EU and acceding countries.

Objective 1 interventions will target:

· Country situations not conducive to ensuring non-state actor and local authority involvement in the development process, including difficult partnerships, unstable situations, conflict and poor governance. This programme is an important tool which may help to get participatory approaches accepted and put into practice;

· People out of reach of basic services and resources and excluded from policy-making processes; and

· Multinational and/or multiregional interventions to tackle problems common to more than one region (desertification, migration, etc.) and initiatives to structure NSA and LA networks at regional or international levels.

For Objective 2 , which covers awareness-raising and development education, the focus will be on:

· The Millennium Development Goals, especially in parts of the world lagging behind, above all subSaharan Africa; and

· Areas of public interest where common development-related goals are important, such as migration, trade, fair trade, and so on.

Under Objective 3 , for cooperation activities in Europe, priority will be placed on:

· Institutional coordination between platforms of NSAs and LAs and the European institutions; and

· Capacity-building for European platforms and their members and a stepping-up of multi-stakeholder dialogue.

All non-profit non-state actors and local authorities originating from the EU and partner countries are potentially eligible for funding under this thematic programme, which will take account of the comparative value-added of different stakeholders.

Another feature of the programme is the devolved management to EU delegations where actions are taking place in one country; other programme activities are managed at Commission headquarters.

For further information: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/where/worldwide/c...

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