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Achievements of the Platform so far The ACP-LG Platform

Achievements of the Platform so far

The resources from the various donors and the support from the members have provided enhanced capacity for the ACP-LG Platform through its technical, communication and promotional activities to provide valuable services to ACP-LG and to promote their role and better involvement in ACP-EU cooperation.

In doing this, the Platform has further contributed to make ACP-LG effective partner of development/actor in ACP-EU development cooperation and thus to promote their political recognition and engagement in the development arena. The Platform has become more effective in defending the interests of all ACP local government at ACP-EU level and responding to the increasing demands from ACP local government. In particular:

Representation and advocacy in support of ACP-LG ensuring that their voice is heard and their interests defended within the ACP-EU cooperation framework. So far, the Platform has represented ACP-LG in many events. In this process, the Platform has:

­ - Intervened in some of these events in order to make the voice of ACP-LG heard and in the process highlighted issues of interest to ACP-LG;
­ - Provided information to its members on various key development issues affecting ACP-LG discussed at these events;
­ - Contributed advocacy papers on various development issues, not only to provide ACP-LG input into development debates but also with a view to influencing policy direction in favour of ACP-LG, thus strengthening its advocacy role;
­ - Developed numerous contacts with different development actors and promoted strategic alliances with various institutions for mutual interest. These alliances have also led to some joint lobbying for non-state actors & local authorities (NSA-LA) interest in the EU Parliament for instance;

The action has helped to ensure effective representation of local government (and their representative structures) and inputting at important/relevant key ACP-EU fora and ensure the promotion of strategic alliances and foster/strengthen partnership between ACP and EU local government and representative structures.

Information and networking services in order to promote knowledge and understanding of the Cotonou Agreement and other relevant EU programmes. The Platform is using the three avenues at its disposal, i.e. newsletters, internet and website, to:

­ -Provide information to ACP-LG on issues related to ACP-EU institutions, ACP-EU programmes such as the European Development Fund (EDF) and various ACP-EU Facilities, events related to ACP-EU cooperation, etc.;
­ - Promote evidence-based learning in order to facilitate exchange of experience among ACP-LG, on lessons learned with LG participation; and
­ - Assist with the coordination of information dissemination between the different levels of LG associations (LGAs) by for instance posting regional LGAs’ newsletters on the Platform website.

Within the above framework, the Platform has produced more than 50 newsletters and facilitated evidence-based learning. In addition to the information provided through the newsletters, internet and the website, the Platform also undertook a mini-study on decentralisation in the six ACP regions.

These activities had kept ACP local government abreast of any opportunities for participation in ACP-EU cooperation, facilitated their participation in the various programmes and promoted funding opportunities for local government under the Cotonou Agreement and other relevant EU programmes.