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Principal Officers of the Platform The ACP-LG Platform

Principal Officers of the Platform

Meeting on 22/10/2018, the General Assembly (G.A.) took note, for all intents and purposes, that the mandate of the 3 Administrators – who were nominated for a 2-year term during the constitution of the association, and whose mandate has not been renewed – ended on 12/10/2008.

The G.A. acknowledged the untiring effort and sacrifice made by the Chairman and the CEO/Administrateur délégué in keeping the Platform functioning since 2008 and affirmed its full confidence in and immense gratitude for the work done on its behalf since 2008 by both the Chairman and the CEO/Administrateur délégué. The G.A. unanimously agreed that all the actions and measures taken in the name and on behalf of the Platform by the Chairman and the CEO/Administrateur délégué since 2008 to date in order to effectively ensure the continuity and the smooth and effective functioning of the Platform are ratified and approved by the G.A.

The G.A. nominated the following Administrators/Board members:

• Charles Katiza – ACP
• Lala Elisa Rafamatanantsoa – ACP
• Biram Owens Ndiaye – Western Africa
• Gertrude Rose Gamwera – Eastern Africa
• George Matovu – Eastern Africa
• Maurice Mbolela – Southern Africa
• Michel Kalworai – Pacific

Meeting on 23/10/2018 the Board by acclamation reappointed the 2 principal officers as follows:

• Charles Katiza as Chairman with the quality of representative of the Platform at the highest level; and
• Lala Elisa Rafamatanantsoa as CEO/Administrateur délégué with the responsibilities for daily management and representation of the association.

Past principal officers of the Platform
Those who have served on the Board in the past were:

• Chairman of ACP-LG Platform: Charles Katiza (Zimbabwe/Southern Africa)
• Representatives of national/regional associations of local government in the ACP: PDM-AOC – Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi (Cameroon/Central Africa) / Biram Owens Ndiaye (Senegal/West Africa); MDP-ESA – George Matovu (Uganda/East Africa); EALGA - Augustine Odipo (Tanzania/East Africa); ALAT – Basilius Nchimbi (Tanzania/East Africa); ULGA – John Emily Otekat (Uganda/East Africa) / Karazaarwe John Wycliffe (Uganda/East Africa) / Rafael Magyezi (Uganda/East Africa); CALGA – Mulchan Lewis (Trinidad & Tobago /Caribbean) / Robert Montague (Jamaica/Caribbean) / April Crowther-Gow (Bahamas/Caribbean); PNG ULLGA – Kaminiel Warkia (PNG/Pacific)
• Representatives of continental/international organisation of local government relevant to the ACP: UCLGA – Father Mkhatshwa (South Africa/Southern Africa) / Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi (Cameroon/Central Africa); CLGF – Carl Wright (UK/Europe) / Terry Parker (UK/Europe); AIMF – Olivier Chambard (France/Europe) / Laurent Jaboeuf (France/Europe)
• Technical partner: ECDPM – Head of Strategy / Programme Coordinator: Governance
• Secretariat of ACP-LG Platform – Lala Elisa Rafamatanantsoa