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About this site

Welcome to the ACP-LG Platform website. This website is intended for local governments and their associations throughout the Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. It is also for development partners and other stakeholders involved in local development in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement.

The Cotonou Partnership Agreement signed in June 2000 between 77 ACP countries and the European Union (EU) recognised explicitly local government as a distinct key actor in development cooperation alongside other actors such as central government, non state actors, the private sector, etc. – entitled to participate in ACP-EU cooperation. Yet very few local governments know about this new Agreement which offers opportunity for them to be involved in the ACP-EU cooperation key processes (policy dialogue, programming, implementation and review) at both national, regional and all-ACP levels.

This website is intended to give local government useful information and networking services that will make them aware of these various opportunities. In turn this will allow them to become a credible partner for development.

Together with you, we wish to enhance the range and scope of local government on Cotonou-related issues so that it appeals to a wider audience, and offers access to a broad range of information for local government and their association involved in local development in the context of the Cotonou Agreement.

The ACP-LG Platform website is a platform for information exchange open to all local governments and their association across the ACP countries. Readers will be able to share their experience and draw from the knowledge of others for more effective local development practice on the ground.

This website includes information about the ACP-LG Platform and its programmes; news (the Platform newsletters, other newsletters, etc.); various EU aid-related tools (the European Development Fund [EDF], the ‘Non-state actor and Local authority in development’ thematic programme, etc.); library (country profile, Cotonou Infokit, various publications, etc.); examples of good practices and capacity development activities relevant to local government; and various useful links related to local government. In addition, given the Cotonou environment of the Platform, this website provides you with information on the various ACP institutions, EU institutions, ACP-EU joint institutions and ACP regional and continental organisations. Finally, through this website and its newsletters, the Platform not only informs you on the various opportunities for participation in ACP-EU cooperation, but also teaches you how to participate, by explaining for instance, how to write a good project.

In future we intend to go deeper into exchanging information, through an e-forum allowing peer to peer communication as well as to develop systematic exchange of experiences on best practices on decentralisation and local governance in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement. But to do so we need to learn about your experience. So please feel free to use the ‘Contact us’ section of the website to share your thoughts, to comment on articles, to suggest relevant links, publications or events, or to submit your own contribution.

This website is yours and together we can ensure that local government is fully integrated as a key actor in ACP-EU cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you.